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Remodel Corner

If you’ve been in the building, you can see that we are well into construction!  

New sound equipment, new wifi network equipment, and a hearing aid sound loop have all been installed! We held a training session on the sound system last month. If you are interested in knowing how it works, see an elder so you can help. Also talk to the elders about hearing aid sound loop instructions.

Things are getting dusty downstairs! The old bathrooms have been gutted to complete the restructuring and new doors are being framed. The new sign has arrived, and supplies have been purchased to build the frame and install it out front.  Next up will be putting in the new ceiling, a fresh coat of paint, and installing the new floors. If you haven’t taken a look, go check it out!

Our goal is to complete this project before the 160th Anniversary on November 1st. By God’s grace, we are on schedule.