As Christians we serve our community through our various vocations. It is in our vocation that we use the talents God has given to us to assist our neighbor in thier life. As workers we support our neighbors by always striving to improve and help them in every physical need. We pay our taxes for the betterment of our community. We are active in the community to help it grow and be nourished.

As parents we love our spouse and children. We teach them the truths of God. We protect and defend them. We provide and care for them. We help guide our children and show them the right way to go. We fix skinned knees and hurt feelings. We make sure that they get to practice on time and we bring them home after. We do all things out of love for what Christ has done for us. 

Children serve in their vocation of student and child. They learn and study. They are to treat their elders with respect and care. They learn from them and honor them. Children listen to the stories of the faithful who can tell of how God has helped them through all kinds of life's adventures. We support each other in fellowship and fun.