God has served us and sent His Son for us so that we may be His chosen children. We respond to His wonderful service to us in thankfulness and praise in acts of service to each other.

We serve in the church out of joy for the gifts we have been given and because we want all people to receive the same gifts. We serve so that the work of preaching the Gospel may continue and so that sinners may repent and be forgiven.

We serve in order to join with other Christians in the witness of Christ coming to us in body and blood in the Holy Supper and through His Word and through the waters of Baptism. We understand what wonderful things God has done for us and so we serve each other to help them receive these same gifts of life and salvation.

We use our time and talents to support the spreading of the Gospel. We sing with gusto. We pray for the hurt and the lost and the sick. We support the downtrodden and the oppressed. We greet each other with peace. We give our offerings to God. We listen to God. We hold newborn babies. We teach children and adults. We bring comfort to the home-bound. We make budgets and vote on constitutions. We cook meals for each other and we clean up for each other. We play games and we laugh. We cry together and we hold each other up in all times of trial. We care for the families of the departed. We set agendas and we hold meetings. We have picnics and we play games. We do all things as Christ's redeemed. We do all things so that all may know the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Specific areas of service are readily available for all who wish to serve. You may speak with Pastor or and Elder for opportunities to get involved.