Our music is taken from the heritage of the church's historic liturgy and hymnody. We use the Lutheran Service Book for all of our congregational singing. This fantastic hymn book was released in 2006 and has already sold over 1 million copies. We use this for all of our services and for our at home family use.

We sing the music that you grew up with as well as newly penned hymns by todays best Lutheran composers. You will find the giants of hymnody here including Isaac Watts, Johann Bach, Martin Luther, Philip Nicolai and many others. We chant, we sing harmonies, we sing in choirs and we sing accepella. Most of all we just love to sing.

Adult choir meets at 6:00pm on Wednesdays from September-Easter and sings quite often for worship during the fall and winter months.

Childrens' Choir meets during Sunday School and performs for holidays and ocassional Sunday worship services.

If you play an instrument we encourage you to come talk to us.